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Latest News And Updates

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Jan 31 2013 Public Appearances

We're so sorry for the lack of updates! Brooke and I have been super busy. That being said, I had some free time today, so I added photos of all the events Kiernan has attended this year. She looked amazing in every single one of them! I wish I had her wardrobe!

Also, I'm going to try to change the layout as soon as possible, because we've had the same one for over a year...

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Dec 19 Teen Vogue & Hailee Steinfeld's Sweet 16

Kiernan recently did a photoshoot for Teen Vogue and there are two new behind the scenes pictures in the gallery. Also, she attended Hailee Steinfeld's Sweet 16th birthday party. She is pictured with friend Amandla Stenberg. Kiernan looks beautiful. Head to the gallery to take a look.

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Nov 28 Disney Channel's "Sofia The First"

Kiernan is going to guest star in Disney Channel's animated TV show, "Sofia The First". Apparently, the character she voices will make an appearance in the premiere episode, which airs on January 11th on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. You can read more about this here.

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Nov 24 More Smallz & Raskind Photoshoot Pictures

I've added more pictures from the photoshoot Kiernan did with
Smallz & Raskind
for the Grazia UK Magazine issue she was in. These photos are just beyond stunning. Also, when you go the gallery to check out the photos, you'll notice that there's a new gallery layout. It was made by me, so hopefully you guys will like it!

Edit: There was a problem with the gallery (you needed to log in to see the pictures), but it has now been fixed, so everyone should be able to see the photos.

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Nov 18 Long time no update!

It's been more than three months since we last updated, so Brooke and I wanted to apologize to you Kiernan fans. You deserve better than this! We'll try to keep the site more updated from now on.

So, miss Shipka has been up to a lot these past few months! First of all, she has attended 14 events since we last updated. Photos of Kiernan in all those events can be found in our gallery, in the "Public Appearances" category. She went to 14 events and managed to look amazing in every single one of them. Definitely a fashionista!

She's also been featured in magazines such as "The Block", where she was photographed by Lauren Dukoff, and this month's "Harper's Bazaar", where she can be seen recreating an iconic scene from the movie "E.T" as a part of the "Spielberg Connection" special. People always say how much Kiernan looks like a young Drew Barrymore, so it's funny that she got to pose as Gertie, Drew's character in "E.T", for this issue.

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